• Truck Scale Ready to Dispatch

    As the saying goes: "A good product must have a good reputation, and a good reputation will bring good business." Recently, the hot sales of electronic weighing products have been climax. Our company has welcomed a batch of new and old customers, at the same time, there ...
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  • Concentrate your heart and energy to move forward with your dreams

    --------The team building activities of Yantai Jiajia Instrument Co., Ltd. bloomed perfectly In order to release work pressure and create a working atmosphere of passion, responsibility, and happiness so that everyone can better devote...
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  • Price Increasing Notice

    We cannot control the price increase, but we have the duty to inform The current price can only valid at present~ Remember! A new round of price increases is here again. Some prices have gone ridiculously high,as high as people doubt life~ -To my respected customers Ya...
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  • Load cell history

    A Load Cell is a particular kind of transducer or sensor which converts force into a measurable electrical output. Your typical load cell device consists of four strain gauges in a wheatstone bridge configuration. In an industrial scale this conversion consists of a load...
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  • How to choose calibration weights?

    What should we pay attention when we need to buy weights? There are several points as below: 1. According to the accuracy of balance/scale which you need to calibrate. Higher class weights will have higher accuracy, but if it is not suitalbe, it’s just increase cost. And lower class weights...
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  • The past and present of the kilogram

    How much does a kilogram weigh? Scientists have explored this seemingly simple problem for hundreds of years.   In 1795, France promulgated a law that stipulated “gram” as “the absolute weight of water in a cube whose volume is equal to one hundredth of a meter at the temperature when the ic...
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  • Foldable weighbridge – new design which suitable for movable

    JIAJIA instrument is excited to announce that now we have licence of the production and commercialization of  the foldable weighbridge with all the needed international certificates The foldable portable truck scale is the ideal scale in many aspects, and it has many features and advantages for t...
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  • Interweighing 2020

    Interweighing 2020

    Jiajia participated in the INTERWEIGHING industry exhibition in 2020 once again. Due to the epidemic, although many international friends could not participate in the annual industry event, we still passed the information of the exhibition to every customer through the Internet, including new te...
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  • New Balance for weights calibration

    New Balance for weights calibration

    2020 is a special year. COVID-19 has brought major changes to our work and life. Doctors and nurses have made great contributions to everyone’s health. We have also quietly contributed to the fight against the epidemic. The production of masks requires tensile testing, so the demand for te...
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