Platform Scale

  • aA2 platform scale

    aA2 platform scale

    Mobile APP remote management and operation of electronic scales

    Mobile phone APP real-time view and print report information to prevent cheating

    Cash register receipts,self-adhesive labels free to switch printing

    Record data/send U disk to import goods/set print format

  • aA12 platform scale

    aA12 platform scale

    High-precision A/D conversion,readability up to 1/30000

    It is convenient to call the inner code for display,and replace the sense weight to observe and analyze the tolerance

    Zero tracking range/zero setting(manual/power on)range can be set separately

    Digital filter speed,amplitude and stable time can be set

    With weighing and counting function(power loss protection for single piece weight)

  • aA27 platform scale

    aA27 platform scale

    Single window 2 inch special highlight LED display
    Peak hold and average display during weighing, automatic sleep without weighing
    Preset tare weight, manual accumulation and automatic accumulation

  • aFS-TC platform scale

    aFS-TC platform scale

    IP68 waterproof
    304 stainless steel weighing pan, anti-corrosion and easy to clean
    High-precision weighing sensor, accurate and stable weighing
    High-definition LED display, clear readings both day and night
    Both charging and plug-in, daily use is more convenient
    Scale angle anti-skid design, adjustable scale height
    Built-in steel frame, pressure resistant, no deformation under heavy load, ensuring weighing accuracy and service life

  • aGW2 platform scale

    aGW2 platform scale

    Stainless steel material,waterproof and anti-rust
    LED display,green font,clear display
    High-precision load cell,accurate,stable and fast weighing
    Double waterproof,double overload protection
    RS232C interface,used to connect computer or printer
    Optional bluetooth,plug and play cable,USB cable,Bluetooth receiver

  • NK-JC3116 Counting platform scale

    NK-JC3116 Counting platform scale

    LCD ultra-clear energy-saving display with green backlight,clear and easy reading day and night

    Automatic zero adjustment function

    Weight deduction,pre-weight deduction function

    Accumulation,cumulative display function,and 99 cumulative

    Single memory function, can save 20 single weight

  • NK-JW3118 Weighing platform scale

    NK-JW3118 Weighing platform scale

    Simple counting function
    Weight retention function,work more efficiently
    99 cumulative weights
    Conversion of multiple weighing units with wide applicability

  • TCS-C Counting platform scale

    TCS-C Counting platform scale

    RS232 serial port output:with full duplex function,you can easily read the scale data or do simple data printing

    Bluetooth:Built-in antenna 10m,external antenna 60m

    UART to WIFI module