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Concrete deck scale for weighing over-the-road legal vehicles.

It is a composite design that uses concrete deck with a modular steel framework. The concrete pans come from the factory ready to receive concrete without any field welding or rebar placement required.

pans come from the factory ready to receive concrete without any field welding or rebar placement required.

This simplifies installation and ensures the overall quality of the deck.

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Features and Advantages Road Weighbridge reinforced concrete weighbridge

1. The concrete deck exists no indentation after long time use.

2. The decks are non-conductive, can protect from the lighting effectively, avoiding the load cells from damage.
3. Anti-rust, anti-oxidation, anti-wet, and full adapt to the full chemical rust environment.
4. Applied in rusted chemical companies, sea port and construction sites.
5. Measure linearity is good and especially suitable for high weight trucks requirement.
6. The concrete can be pre-fabricated in modulars or poured in end user’s installation sites
7. Explosive proof weighing system (full take advantage of concrete platforms physical features).
8. Special long deck sizes weighing system (can extend the deck length and no affect from the natural conditions).
9. All purposed universal truck scale weighing functions.powerful signal
10. Convenient for container shipping.

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