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With steel ramp, eliminates the civil foundation work or concrete ramp will be also works, which only need few foundation work. Only a well leveled hard and smooth surface is required. This process accrue saving in cost of civil foundation work and time.

With steel ramps, the weighbridge can be dismantled and re-assemble within a short span of time, it can be constantly relocated near to area of operation. This will help enormously in reducing lead distance, reduction of handling cost, manpower, and appreciable improvement in productivity.

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Features and Advantages

•   Surface mounted weighbridge have the advantage of future up-gradations by simply adding a module or two to have a longer platform

•    The modular type weighbridge has 4 main longitudinal members hence the structure is more strong, yet sleek.

•    Our Weighbridges are fitted with load cells which supports the structure through a special arrangement. This reduce the shock loading which created by a moving truck over the platform and thereby load cell accuracy is sustained for a longer period

•    Reduce rusty possibility as the modules are seamlessly welded and rain and slush can’t seep in the weighbridge which will definitely reduce the maintenance cost.

•    Platform comprises of modules which are fully welded and rigid, cyclic loading and weighing don’t have any problem and reduces your maintenance cost to a minimum.

Standard accessories of electronic parts

1.Load cells

bridge loadcell_副本



3.Junction Box with signal cables


Optional accessories of electronic parts:

1.Big scoreboard to see the big digits more conveniently.

big screen

2.PC and Printer or printing Weight Bill



3.Management weighing system software


4.Camera, traffic lights, barrier gate, louder speaker.

traffic light

Optional parts for the weighing platforms:

1.Two side rails for protection of the trucks driving.


2.Climb steel ramps for trucks easy get on and off the weighing platforms.

Top plate: 8mm chequered plate, 10mm flat plate

Dimensions: full width / 1.5×3.5m  1.5x4m, 1.5x5m

With mid-gap/1.25×2.2m, 1.25x4m, 1.25x5m

Other dimensions available upon request

Paint type: Epoxy paint

The color of paint: optional


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