Desk High Precision Counting Scale

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1. New aluminum bracket with four-point induction protection;
2. Industrial high-precision sensors;
3. Full copper wire transformer, dual-use for charging and plugging;
4. 6V and 4AH battery, the accuracy is guaranteed;
5. Adjustable weighing and sensing capacity, comprehensive functions;

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High precision of countable weight as low as 0.1g with backlight display. Automatically calculate the total number of items according to the item weight/number.

This product is made of ABS plastic + high strength stainless steel

√Durable, easy to clean, and accurately weighed

√This product is powered by the rechargeable battery of the socket and has a longer service life

√LCD high-definition double-sided display design, more intuitive, convenient, clear

Product Profile

Standard 6V battery, dual-use for charging and plugging
With stainless steel panel;
Stainless steel weighing pan can be used on both sides
Standard PVC dust cover
The disc could equipped with a transparent windshield for high precision requirement
HD power saving LCD display with luminous function

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Counting scales are widely used in electronics, plastics, hardware, chemicals, food, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, scientific research, feed, petroleum, textiles, electricity, environmental protection, water treatment, hardware machinery and automated production lines.


Not only ordinary weighing scales, the counting scale can also use its counting function to quickly and easily count. It has the incomparable advantages of traditional weighing scales. General counting scales can be equipped with RS232 as standard or optional. A communication interface is convenient for users to connect peripheral devices such as printers and computers.

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This versatile electronic scales will get the job done efficiently and accurately. Our state of the art weighing scales will help your business thrive with its practical functionality. High precision sensors ensure complete accuracy so you don't have to worry about over spending Weighing objects.

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