JJ-LIW BC500FD-Ex Dripping System

Short Description:

The BC500FD-Ex dripping system is a weighing flow control solution developed by our company based on the characteristics of industrial weighing control. Dripping is a very common feeding method in the chemical industry, in general, one or more materials are gradually added into the reactor within a specified period according to the weight and rate required by the process, to make the reaction with other proportioned materials to produce the desired compound.

Explosion-proof grade: Exdib IICIIB T6 Gb

Product Detail

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Function principles

The meter controller collects the weight signals of the measuring tank in real-time
Convert the weight per unit time into an instantaneous flow
PID controller calculates the instantaneous flow rate and the preset value
According to the PID algorithm results, the meter controller outputs 4-20mA analog signals to the regulating valve/inverter to make precise flow control
At the same time, the meter controller accumulates the weight of the material flowing out of the measuring tank. When the accumulated value is equal to the set value, the meter controller closes the valve/inverter and stops the dripping.


Highlight display interface, simultaneously display instantaneous flow and cumulative total

Automatic feeding function

Remote, local switching, and manual and automatic control

Comprehensive status monitoring and chain alarm function

Real-time monitoring of sensor load, convenient for maintenance and troubleshooting

Can coordinate with DCS/PLC through the data bus

Standard RS232/485 dual serial ports, MODBUS RTU communication

Extendable a 4~20mA input and a 4~20mA output Optional Profibus DP interface


Case 1: Weighing flowmeter

1. The weighing method is not affected by temperature, density, installation method, etc.
2. High measurement accuracy
3. No contact with materials, no cross-infection

Case 2: Automatic control of dripping by the instrument

1. Automatic drip control of the instrument
2. Quick setting of process parameters
3. On-site operation display, simple and intuitive

Case 3: Meter metering flow, DCS control dripping

1. The weighing method is not affected by temperature, density, installation method, etc.
2. The meter directly provides flow data, and DCS controls the process
3. Fast sampling frequency and high measurement accuracy

Case 4: DCS instruction, meter automatically controls dripping

1. Automatic dripping control
2. The instrument participates in the process
3. Reduce the cost of PLC/DCS software and hardware



Cast Aluminum

Run Mode

Constant feeding, Material level Balancing, Batch feeding

Signal Range


Max. Sensitivity


FS Drift




Flowrate Unit

kg/h, t/h


0, 1, 2, 3

Control Mode

Zone Adj. / PID Adj.

Max Quantity



128x64 Yellow-Green OLED display


16 Flat switch membrane with tactile-feel keys; polyester overlay

Discrete I/O

10 Inputs; 12 Outputs(24VDC @500mA with over-load protection)

Analog Output



COM1: RS232;COM2: RS485

Serial Protocol


Power Supply

100~240VAC,50/60Hz, <100mA(@100VAC)

Operating Temperature

--10°C ~ +40°C,Relative humidity:10%~90%,non-condensing

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