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Establish non-stop oveload detection point, and collect vehicle information and report to the information control center through hig-speed dynamic weighing system.

It could recognize vehicle plate number and on-site evidence collection system to notify the overloaded vehicle through comprehensive management system of scientifically control of overlad.

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Technical Parameter

  • Weighing error range: ≤±10%; (≤±6% when using 3 rows of sensors)
  • Confidence: 95%;
  • Speed range: 10-180km/h;
  • Load capacity (single axle): 30t; (road bearing capacity)
  • Overload capacity (single axle): 200%; (road bearing capacity)
  • Speed error: ±2Km/h;
  • Flow error: less than 5%;
  • Wheelbase error: ±150mm
  • Output information: date and time, speed, number of axles, axle spacing, model, axle weight, wheel weight, axle load, axle group weight, total vehicle weight, classification type, total wheelbase, vehicle length, lane number and driving direction, Data record serial number, standard equivalent axle number, violation type code, vehicle acceleration, vehicle interval time (milliseconds), etc.;
  • Power consumption; ≤50W;
  • Working voltage: AC220V±10%, 50Hz±4Hz;
  • Ambient temperature: -40~80℃;
  • Humidity: 0~95% (no condensation);
  • Installation method: inlay on the shallow surface of the road.
  • Construction period: 3~5 days


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