JJ Waterproof Weighing Indicator

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Its permeability level can reach IP68 and the precision is very accurate. It has multiple functions such as fixed value alarm, counting, and overload protection.The plate is sealed in a box, so it is waterproof and easy to maintain. The load cell is also waterproof and has the reliable protection from the machine.


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Model JJ XK3108A JJ XK3108C
Authentication CE,RoHs
Accuracy III
Operating temperature -10℃~﹢40℃
Power supply Built-in 6V4Ah sealed lead-acid battery (With special charger) or AC 110v / 230v (± 10%)
Housing dimension 21.4 x 13.8 x 9.9 cm
Gross weight 18.5kg 16.6kg
Shell material Mirror finish stainless steel ABS plastic
Keyboard 7 keys
Display 25mm high LED display,red color 25mm high LCD display,red color
Battery duration of one charge 80 Hours
Auto power off 10 minutes
Capacity 15kg / 30kg / 60kg / 100kg / 150kg / 300kg / 600kg / 1500kg / 3000kg
Interface RS232 / RS485

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